About Us

At 8arts we care about the story.

We care about the who, the why, the when and the how.

We’re story lovers. We’re details people.

At 8arts we care about the journey. 

For us it’s not enough that something is beautiful.

Is it rich with integrity, quality and design? Is it made from the finest materials and crafted with skill?

At 8arts these are the questions we ask.

We meticulously sift and we lovingly curate, so that you don’t have to.

When you make a purchase from 8arts you can feel safe that there is a story, there is a journey …and it’s a GREAT one. 


Home to a contemporary collection of Art prints, Posters, Frame, gifts and art - Everything.

Inspired by her upbringing amid the eclectic style of Denmark, and her travels as an international fashion buyer, 8arts has created a unique online destination for people who love to live through design.

8arts was born from an appreciation for superior craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics, incredible form, and above all ...exceptional function.

Thank you for choosing 8arts.

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